In November 2016, India decided to demonetize the two highest denominations of Indian currency, the ₹1000 and ₹500 bills. They represented approximately 85% of the total Rupee value in circulation, and everyone had approximately 60 days exchange the existing currency bills at local banks and ATMs.

This was a sudden move and people feared a supply crunch, creating confusion and debate, not to mention a lot of social media chatter.

What data-supported inferences can you draw from this unique event and what would your approach have been as a data scientist if you were given a chance to advise its planning in future?

Who can enter?

The Big and Far Math Challenge is open to any currently enrolled and active student at UC and OSU. Any current ICC employees can also enter.

What's the purpose?

ICC has established this contest as a way of emphasizing the importance of the skills they believe to be essential for the employees of tomorrow.

Is there a prize?

 The winning entrant or team will split a prize pool of $1000.00. Everyone who successfully completes the challenge will receive a $25.00 Amazon gift card.



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Indradeep Dasgupta

Business Consulting Practice Lead

Indradeep has 14 years of experience providing information management solutions across several industries, domains and geographies. His core strength is aligning data management with business imperatives. He has deep rooted experience in enterprise data modeling, information lifecycle management, spatial information systems, data governance and data conversions.

Jim Gallo

VP Business Analytics Strategy

Of Jim’s 30+ year career in data services, he’s spent the past 17 focused on business analytics and data warehousing — much of it in the banking and financial services space. A veteran lead architect, he’s earned both CBIP and CDMP certifications (among others) and is an instructor for The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI). Jim is also founder and past president of the local chapter of the Data Management Association (DAMA). He is an acclaimed writer, public speaker, and instructor on BI and other contemporary IT issues.

Josh Smith

Data Visualization/
Data Storytelling Consultant

Joshua uses his diverse set of professional and educational experiences to provide creative visualization solutions. He is comfortable with advanced quantitative analysis and statistical modeling as well as creative writing and artistic design. His educational background in behavioral economics provides unique insights into human perception of information. His extensive public speaking background informs his methods of data storytelling. He has designed visualizations for clients in a variety of industries including library sciences, healthcare, retail, restaurant and non-profit.